Secret Star: Robert Pollard Turns 60

The Ash Gray Proclamation

bob old school

Long before anyone knew, Robert Pollard was making album covers for fantastical bands and filling the world with his undeniable pop wonderment. Luckily the secret broke in the early 90’s with a series of extraordinary releases and a fateful trip to New York City for a performance at CMJ’s New Music Seminar in 1993 with his drinking buddies from Dayton, OH. By the time I stumbled onto Guided By Voices I was serving as the music director at my college radio station and became immediately obsessed with the bands 7th LP, the outer world pop lo-fi pop opus, Bee Thousand. From there I was on a quest to obtain every song that had come before and everything that would come next. Like many, GBV was the band I was waiting for my entire life,  and Bob had a seemingly endless supply of tape hiss and arena hooks steeped with the…

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